Coat, Towel & Keys Racks

Though often overlooked, the bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your home. Between your family and your guests, this high-traffic area deserves a little love and attention. There's no better way to transform your bathroom than with functional towel racks. 

At Drakestone Designs, we have a range of rustic shelving to choose from. Our locally-sourced, handmade items will provide essential functionality to your bathroom. At the same time, a bathroom shelf with towel bars will also offer a much-needed aesthetic component to an otherwise drab space. When you want a shelf with hooks or a towel bar, rely on our products to transform your home.

Hooks or bars: The choice is yours

When you think of a towel rack, most people imagine a simple bar. At Drakestone Designs, we know that's simply not enough to provide the functionality and utility you need in your bathroom. That's why each of our towel bars sport a gorgeous, rustic bathroom shelf for the best in storage and design. Store your favorite perfumes and lotions inside the shelf and adorn the top of the cubby with your favorite decorations for a personal touch. 

If you're not a fan of the traditional bathroom shelf with towel bars, you can always rely on our range of towel racks. Doubling as coat hooks, these shelves are stronger than they look (even our stylish arrow designs). Choose between our His and Hers coat hook options or invest in our display shelves with coat hooks to personalize your home. We even have unique chalkboard towel racks to help keep your busy family more organized. Rest assured that each piece is crafted by hand to give you a unique look that no other family has. 

Functionality and style 

Hooks and towel racks are a necessity in the home. Whether you're investing in these rustic products for your bathroom, entryway, or kitchen, our handcrafted products work hard so you don't have to. 

Want to learn more? Rely on Drakestone Designs to get the functional, rustic shelves you've always wanted.