Whether you're looking for functionality or class, there are countless benefits to investing in handcrafted mirrors. Not only do these gorgeous additions tie a room together, but they're also one of the best ways to brighten a dim room or make your space seem larger. 

Drakestone Designs knows the importance of a great mirror. That's why we craft every item by hand from locally-sourced wood, right in the heart of Texas. Rest assured that no two bathroom vanity mirrors will look exactly alike. 

A mirror for every room 

No bathroom is complete without a mirror. While your bathroom may already have a mirror, it may not be the best fit. More often than not, our customers look for gorgeous bathroom vanity mirrors to improve the appearance of this important room. Suddenly, a cramped bathroom turns into a welcoming space that encourages an extra-long morning routine. After all, this home necessity is the only thing standing between you and a great hair day. We offer several farmhouse bathroom décor items that will be a perfect match to our farmhouse bathroom mirrors.

Design a handmade mirror that's right for your space with our custom mirror tool. One of the great things about being a small, family-owned company is our ability to customize your mirror. Utilize our custom mirror page to order the exact style and size that you want. Customize the perfect walnut stained modern farmhouse bathroom vanity mirror. Or create a rustic whitewashed bathroom mirror to complement your farmhouse bathroom vanity.

Locally-sourced Texas wood 

As a small boutique from Rockwall, Texas, we know the importance of keeping it local. We invest in locally-sourced wood products and offer a range of rustic reclaimed wood collections. While the other guys are busy outsourcing their products outside of the United States, you can rest assured that we craft every item by hand to help you achieve the American Dream. 

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Between bathroom vanity mirrors and rustic farmhouse style mirrors, many people can't imagine their home without a beautifully designed mirror. Invest in quality you can trust: rely on Drakestone Designs for a range of rustic bathroom mirrors and farmhouse style mirrors.